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AlgoRunner is a third-party application designed to run with Real Tick, Sterling, and Anvil trading platforms to efficiently trade and manage numerous positions in multiple accounts. It is a tool for users to create custom strategies for entering and exiting stocks.

  • One interface to trade on Sterling, Anvil, or Real Tick

  • Self contained system to manage trading accounts

  • Monitor all accounts from one dashboard

  • Send and monitor all orders and positions from one dashboard

  • Reduce Slippage entering and exiting positions

  • Run one or multiple strategies with or without variation in multiple accounts

  • Increase trading activity with greater risk control

  • Personalization of Strategies and Connections

  • Test your strategies in simulation before risking your money

  • Turn your front end into a Gray or Black Box system

  • Make more money with less effort with out changing your front end

Cost: 30 day free trial. No credit card required.
$250 per user monthly fee or $2,500 with pre-paid annual subscription.
Discounts available for large groups.

Thank you to hundreds of users that participated in our Beta version free period.
You may continue to use AlgoRunner as long as you wish

To develop custom tools in AlgoRunner please contact Raphael at 646 583 5000